Arnstein Building (Knoxville - Knox County)

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Arnstein Building (Knoxville - Knox County)


The Arnstein Building, located on the corner of Union and Market Streets, is representative of the early commercial importance of the Market Square in Knoxville. Constructed in 1905-1906 for German-Jewish immigrant Max Arnstein (1858-1961), it housed the M. B. Arnstein Company department store from 1906 - 1928. The tallest building in Knoxville at the time of it's construction, it is credited with being the city's first steel-frame skyscraper. As Knoxvillians increasingly frequented the Market Square at the turn of the twentieth century, the M. B. Arnstein Company rapidly developed into one of Knoxville's high-quality retail stores, offering a wide variety of domestic and imported goods,. In 1928, the M. B. Arnstein Company closed following Max Arnstein's retirement. In the 1930s, the newly established Tennessee Valley Authority leased the building for office space. Since the closing of Arnstein's department store, the building has remained a centerpiece of Market Square, offering both commercial and residential space today. The Arnstein Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing structure in the Market Square Commercial Historic District on December 20, 1984.


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