Ochs Building (Chattanooga - Hamilton County)

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Ochs Building (Chattanooga - Hamilton County)


Adolph Ochs was born to Julius and Bertha Ochs on March 12, 1858, in Cincinnati, Ohio. After moving to Chattanooga at the age of nineteen, he joined forces with his two friends to start a small newspaper known as the Chattanooga Dispatch. The Dispatch only survived a couple months but put Ochs on the path to purchasing half of the failing Chattanooga Times in 1878 and gaining full ownership in 1883. The Ochs Building, or Times Building, was constructed from 1888-1892 to house the Chattanooga Times. In 1896, as an attempt to recover from financial losses suffered during the real-estate crash of the 1880s, Ochs purchased the then-failing New York Times. Despite Ochs's commitment to the New York newspaper, he remained editor of the Chattanooga Times and an active supporter of the Chattanooga Jewish community until his death in 1935. In 1904, Ochs paid for half of Mizpah congregation's synagogue on Lindsay and Oak Street. In 1928, Ochs built Mizpah's third and current synagogue, the Julius and Bertha Ochs Memorial Temple. The Chattanooga Times remained in the Ochs Building until 1942. Under the new ownership, it became known as the Dome Building and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in November 1978.


Delomos & Cordes


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1888 - 1892


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Mizpah Congregation Julius and Bertha Ochs Memorial Temple (Chattanooga - Hamilton County)


20th Century


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