Rosenbloom's Department Store (Jackson - Madison County)

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Rosenbloom's Department Store (Jackson - Madison County)


At the age of sixteen, Joseph L. Rosenbloom, Sr. and family emigrated from Lithuania to the United States and settled in West Tennessee shortly after their arrival. Joseph and his brother Sam established their first mercantile business in Newbern (Dyer County), Tennessee in 1898; they later moved this business to Dyersburg a few years later. As Jackson grew during the turn of the twentieth century, it proved an appealing business location for the Rosenbloom brothers and in 1906, Rosenbloom's opened on Market Street. By 1911, Rosenbloom's was operating out of its Lafayette Street location, undergoing renovations in 1922, 1938, and 1950. Following Joseph L. Rosenbloom’s death in May 1952, the business operated under the leadership of his two sons, Joe and Irving. On November 17, 1968, the Rosenbloom business was sold, but continued to operate under the family's name until its permanent closure in the mid-1980s. In addition to his work as a merchant in Jackson, Joseph L. Rosenbloom, Sr. served as president of Congregation B’nai Israel (Jackson) from 1919 – 1941.




Johnson, Elizabeth, photographer.


20th century


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